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A teacher of mine told me once: the more you dive into a topic, the more interesting it gets. So please, always be curious as ANY topic can be of interest!

And most of the times, the topic does not have to be interesting by nature, because the person sharing with a real passion for it will make it fascinating.

And I think we should always be curious about how a person can so be passionate about a topic that is (at first sight) totally annoying to us.

Be curious about useless things…

Often we use a very efficient way to keep a great focus on our lives by categorizing things into “of interest” and “don’t care”.

We dive into the former, and quickly forget the latter. What a mistake! Even the most trivial topic can lead to interesting things, period.

Therefore, it is obvious that forgetting to be curious about “don’t care” topics — and not getting too serious about things “of interest” — will get us stuck in our own tight vision.

…or end up bound to blind spots!

What’s important, I think, is to always keep perspective, be it for what we label as “essential”, or as “useless” in our lives.

When you get very serious about a topic and cannot joke about it or yourself, you’ll miss some angles, ending up suffering about it.

And I mean it even for a very serious topics. If you can’t go from saying dead serious things to totally dumb things about it, you located a hindrance.

A game already lost, but a game.

Our mind is a great playground, but it’s only a playground: You can play, you can get mad losing the game or get excited winning it.

But at the end it’s just a game.

Be curious about the game, dive into it, learn the rules and play with them. Find their limits and push a bit more, play!

If you think you’re life is at stake and you take everything too seriously, you’ll just suffer. I know exactly how it feels.

But hey, you’re right! Your life is at stake, but you already lost this game. So you shouldn’t worry about it, should you?

How it usually goes:

There are times when I’m not interested in everything, of course. And that’s totally ok, I believe we always have to listen carefully to what we wish.

But when that period gets too long, I end up being way too serious about stuffs… and this is usually the trigger that wakes me up : I need to take perspective.

As soon as you stop eliminating topics for the list of interesting ones, you open your mind, new ideas come in, and your level of tolerance and wisdom rise back up.

Let’s practice!

Life is an emotional game, and it seems that the rules are always changing. Deal with it!

I do feel like we should be able to switch from taking a topic very seriously to taking it lightly in a matter of minutes. And I practice that !

1 – The first part is about diving into the topic and letting it smother us and our mind. Let’s forget about the rest of the world for a minute.

That’s a great way to feel it, to be the topic and to understand it from within.

2 – And then suddenly, you propel yourself out of it and you look at it from very far, like it’s nothing anymore.

So you get the exterior point of view but knowing what’s within. Some kind of omniscience.

Isn’t it a great way to find its true meaning for us?

It’s a mind game, it’s a human game, it’s a fun game. And each time, you’ll open your mind a little bit more.

To what purpose? I have no idea, that’s part of the game. Maybe one day we’ll know… or not.

The rules of the game may remain unknown till the end of it.

Isn’t it fun?


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From insipid to fascinating,
There's only one step:
Be curious.

From light to serious,
Make it one step,

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