How do I stop overthinking? The right question. •1•

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Tell me, do you have a strong tendency to be overthinking everything? I definitely have, and I always had. Even when I tried my best not to.

My heart always went from “I should stop that and be like the others, look they’re not overthinking for sure !” to “I kind of like drowning in my own thoughts anyways, let’s keep it that way”

Finally I came to the conclusion that it’s part of who I am. My nature in a sense. So I deal with it, and it’s eventually not such a bad thing.

Is overthinking such a bad thing?

If we try to recap what overthinking is, it basically means that you try to foresee every possible directions that a given situation can take.

And it could mean a fucking lot of directions ! And yes, sometimes it also means you go round and round with one particular direction and forget about the other

But all of this thinking has sincere roots, hasn’t it? You’d like to plan for the future. That is, to be sufficiently prepared to avoid some kind of disaster. Or at least to limit the likelihood of it.

So that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

I think it is… most of the time AND as long as we use this overthinking to get somewhere. What I mean by that, is that it should not remains a mental act, but you should use it to act in real life !

Overthinking without action is like a storm without the lightning bolts: the pressure never releases, and builds up.

Therefore if you don’t act while (or after) overthinking, you will carry a huge mental load on your back. And that, I’m sure, is not a good thing.

Looking in the mirror without filter.

Let’s be honest: most of the times overthinking is useless. And it does not really help figuring out a situation. Simply because we get stuck in one of the many possible directions.

Sure, it prevents from the biggest disasters, but it’s mostly badly managed energy. But hey, let’s be even more honest…

Overthinking is pleasant! It makes us feel powerful, in control of things we don’t control in real life. And we should not feel guilty, and just enjoy it.

But, at least, the minimum we should do to balance this energy waste, is to be acting in consequence after an overthinking session !

Overthinking is neither good nor bad, it just is. Act accordingly.

Sometimes I can’t help it, I’m stuck in overthinker mode, so I let it be. And when I’m feeling ready, I create a “lightning bolt” to release the pressure, do you ?

Or do you let the mental pressure build up in you ? That pressure you know will pound on you for hours, maybe days. You should learn to create your own lightning bolts!

Let’s be free overthinkers!

In a sense, I think that we, overthinkers, are meant (whatever that means) to think for the ones who don’t. But isn’t it already overthinking ?

Aren’t we just assessing the trajectory of the ball thrown at us while it’s already flying? And at the same time, balls thrown at many people around us !

Sometimes we understand the trajectory early enough to avoid being hurt. And sometimes we don’t and get hit by the ball, softly or hardly.

Overthinking is okay if we just take a step back and see it just as it is: A great gift we own. Not a better, not a worse than underthinking.

Sometimes, we need people able to act when there’s not time for reflection. It’s JUST not us. The brain alone is useless, so is the body. They need to work together, we need to work together.

So tell me, where do you see yourself?

Over or under thinking? Seeing it as a gift or a curse? Taking it as it is or trying to control it? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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When you are drowning in overthinking,
Look outside for wind, flowers and bees,
Look at how they are just being and living,
And remember Nature is, just as it is.

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