Not growing anymore: 5 thoughts about my worst nightmare •7•

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Is that a weird nightmare? Because I think this is definetly the thing I’m most afraid of in my life: not growing anymore.

What definition do I set for growing here ? Looking for and learning about myself… About who I am.

And to me, that’s a direct consequence of “learning” anything, as long as I keep trying to learn something personal each time.

Though I realized when I got my first real job (after pretty long studies) that learning is supposed to be only for students. Not for workers.

Very quickly I was fed up of working 8 hours a day not learning much.

I had this deep feeling of not learning enough, and more precisely: that terrifying gut feeling of not growing anymore. So I did what I had to do.

Why growing is so important to me? And why do I think it is an interesting point fo view to look from for anyone? Here 5 random reasons.

#1 Life as an infinite source of growth. And vice versa.

Each moment in life can be a source of growth. Since you can always choose to experience life and learn from it.

And, though debatable, I believe that learning and growing do not have to be painful!

I would even suggest that they make things easier since unpleasant situations may become pleasant learning experiences.

That’s why Life is such an infinite source of growth. The opposite is true too. Growth makes me feel alive.

Not growing anymore would mean virtually dying to me. Each moment I’m growing shows me that I have even more to learn about life and myself.

If you’re a curious person, it should be a good reason to live each moment to the fullest you can.

That’s why growth is an infinite source of life to me, and not growing anymore is not an option. Isn’t it a virtuous circle ?

All of this is infinite, you can grow till your last breath!

#2 What will happen if I’m not growing anymore

It’s always good to look at the other side of what we think is good for us.

So, what will happen to me if I’m not growing anymore?

First, I won’t feel alive. How do I know? I already felt that way when my life was mostly about going to work to repeat what I was good at doing.

And this job was not a factory job, it was a researcher position!

Growing is not about intellectual stuffs at all. Growing is about learning. Learning can be physical, intellectual, spiritual…

When I feel like I’m not growing anymore, I feel dumb, useless. And very quickly bored.

Deeply inside, I think every human being wants to grow infinitely.

That’s why when I look around and see so many sad people wandering in their bitterness, I think they just forgot that point.

And it reinforces my beliefs.

#3 My growth is everybody’s growth

Who we are and how we act have consequences on each person we meet in our lives.

If I were to accept a “not growing anymore” state, how could I show people that growing makes us alive and serene?

When I choose to grow from each experience, it lifts me up first. But then it may also do the same to every person I talk to!

And it’s the whole point of noosvia: displaying my vision of life because it may help someone.

Knowing that someone else is living what we’d love to live (while believing we can’t) is usually enough to untie the knot.

And my belief is that if everybody was to wish to grow all the time, there would be much less mess on the planet.

#4 Alternatives to growth?

I said that if I was not growing anymore I would be sad and bitter. But it’s only me. There should be another way… Right?

So let’s try to find alternative approaches to life ensuring that we’re not being bitter and sad while not growing anymore.

First alternative : doing nothing! Staying in our confort zone is a sure way to not grow anymore. Would you be more or less sad/bitter than today?

Second alternative: acting erratically and making sure we’re not learning anything from our experiences !

It is by design another way to make sure we’re not growing anymore. Some go through life that way (who says the name of a president?) but I’m not convinced it’s compelling.

Let’s end with the one that so many people choose:

Consuming everything we (are pushed to) desire and making sure to divert ourselves as soon as we have a little bit of free time.

In other words, externalizing our lives and fleeing the inside urge to grow.

…I agree, I’m bad at finding alternatives! But I have never met someone living a life without growth compelling enough for me to change my mind.

If you have a great alternative, tell me about it in the comment section!

#5 But isn’t it vain? Just like the infinite economic growth?

Let me end this text with the eternal question: isn’t it vain to flee a life where I’m not growing anymore? Am I not just fleeing in the other direction?

I don’t have the answer. Couldn’t everything be seen as vain when we take it under the light of human beings mortality?

My reference point is : is this point of view limiting my freedom or expanding it?

And the answer to that, at least for now, is that it does expand my freedom more than it limits it.

Maybe one day I’ll discover that there is a point where not growing anymore is the perfect way of growing!

What’s your take of the importance, or not, of always trying to expand ourselves?


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