This blog might help someone… A massive assumption? •3•

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Yes, the texts you can find all over this web site might help someone.

And that’s the main reason for its very existence. Is it a valid one ? I have no idea…

What is a “valid” reason anyways ?

Reality is, it’s not about me helping. It’s way less egotistical than it sounds. When I say “it might help someone”, I’m talking about the words, not me.

And clearly, I’m not saying : this blog will help everyone reading it. What I say is that if it helps 0.001% of the people visiting, it will be worth it.

Is “might help someone” not ambitious enough ?

For me, ambition has nothing to do with it. I live a simple life but a pretty happy one. And a life with very very rare suffering…

Through the years, I realized that most people suffer. Sometimes they even suffer quite a lot, everyday, at every moment. Especially when they try to fit in, while they’re not supposed to..

I don’t try to fit in. I bend the rules when I want, and adapt to them when I need. I almost never look elsewhere to know what’s good or not : I choose to trust me for that matters.

And I made a (not-so-easy, I must say) choice to publish some texts on this web site, because I know that if they reflect my spirit, they will, one day or another, help someone.

Why am I so sure these texts may be helping?

Because they (my words) already helped people in real life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not proud of it, I’m just definitely happy for these people.

If being me can help them, isn’t it my duty to share ? Of course, not ! There’s no duty imposed by someone else (or the society…).

But I think it is part of being accountable to share things which might help people suffer less. Or simply, help them clarify their lives.

It took me a long time to understand that, because that’s not how I do things, not my nature.

Some people need external approval, do you ?

Yes, some people need to get an external approval before being able to free themselves. They need to see that, yes, it is possible to think differently.

Once they see it outside from themselves, they can tag their thoughts as “normal” and deal with them, help themselves (and later help someone else !).

Most of them get stuck when they feel like going in one direction, but the society sends a message going to (imposing ?) another direction.

They get stuck wanting something and not being able to actualize it because it is not “normal”, or they may be seen as “weird”.

And be sure, they’ll find (or society will provide) tons of believable reasons for that !

What’s most important then ?

None of these (bullshit-)excuses are based on what’s most important : what they feel. What is inside of them !

So yes, if, by luck, I can be the one shouting (screaming !) at them that they can do it. That they are normal even if they think differently… I should write these texts.

That’s what my guts are saying (“it might help someone”) ! And I trust them.

Just like for all these people, it is not easy for me. You can be sure that it took me a long time before I dared starting this site.

Who am I to say stuffs that could help ?

Who I am to [put whatever you want] and share it on a website ? These would be my bullshit-excuses. The answer is : I am no one !

Just like anyone else. But I know how to suffer less than the vast majority of people. So I should do something in my way, and share it with them.

Here is this website, as imperfect as me, or you, or anyone else. But it is now live, and I’ll take care of it so that it lasts long and help someone.

If my words resonates, great, please let me know and share what brings you here as often as possible !

If they don’t, great too ! Yes, don’t waste more time. Go live your life and forget about noosvia. This is not meant to help everybody… but only help someone !

For those who will stay around, I’ll try to be as helpful as i can. The more you interact the more I’ll be able to help !

Without you, noos•via has no meaning.


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When the one who by chance understood,
Stand up and share with a willing bystander,
He feels more afraid, but driven, than ever,
For he knows the goal to be the greater good.

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