Everybody wants to be immortal. Wonderful! Or not? •4•

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When I look at the world around me, I feel like everybody acts as if they’d like to be immortal. Do you?

I bet most readers would say “No I don’t want to be immortal”. But is that truly true? Oh…

The thing is, I don’t mean to be immortal like a never-dying immortal! No, what I’m talking about, is the dying version of immortal. Let me explain.

What I mean here by be immortal.

Are those questions familiar for you: What food should I avoid? Which exercises should I do to be in good shape? Do I meditate enough?

Or those warnings, maybe? Smoking decreases your lifespan! Botox increases your skin beauty! One glass of wine is good, but two is too much!

Why are we trying so hard to be immortal?

We are mortal, definitely mortal. We are humans, only humans. Why are we always trying to push limits just for the sake of pushing limits?

People make themselves sick for the sake of 2 more years to live. They create a life they don’t even enjoy anymore for 3 more months to live…

And yet, they’re likely to die in car accidents at 45.
Is that what it means to be immortal for them? I don’t get it.

Life is here to be lived.

I don’t believe the life is to be abused in one direction or another. There is enough room in it to live a fulfilling experience, without having to stretch its boundaries.

We surely don’t need to play god and be immortal.

And we should definitely not waste our time trying to gain some more time. Shouldn’t we just live each moment for what it is?

Please, don’t bend my words.

I’m not saying that we should only live in the moment. There are things to plan for our own fulfilling future. I’m just saying what we plan should be for us to live.

And not to plan a way to have a longer life with even more time to push the boundaries further, trying to be immortal…

Why would you stop doing, eating or enjoying something you do like for the sake of living a longer life? To be immortal… and totally unhappy?

What is Life for you anyway?

A weird tale where we choose what the hero, us, experiences. Or an eternal quest to understand what is not to be understood.

I’m asking, what would be life without death?

For sure, depending on how you decide to look at your experiences, life could be a collection of suffering ones. But…

Wanting to be immortal will not solve any of the problem. I’m even pretty sure it will create some more. Think about it for a second through a very basic example.

Nowadays, most of people’s main concern (in developed countries) is : how do I get enough money to live my comfortable life?

Imagine if you had to do that for 20 more years? Even only 5 more? Uhhh… Pure suffering.

Maybe I don’t get it.

Maybe people like to spend their times trying to figure out how to have enough money. It doesn’t look like a purpose to me, is it? And they don’t seem to enjoy it so much neither.

Why so few people find it weird to spend most of their time running after money? Instead living a life of growth or experiences.

But I get it, yes, seriously.

I understand the useless pursuit of ways to be immortal. For instance, I don’t blame medicine, I’m even happy it exists as I use it time to time.

Our body is part of our journey here. And medicine can prevent from physical suffering. For that purpose, it is very sane.

It’s all about not suffering.

Living a very long life means neither living a happy life, nor enjoying many experiences. It only means being alive longer, and why not be immortal.

As humans on Earth, not knowing why we’re here, the purpose does not seem to be living longer. It won’t bring answers, it won’t make us happier.

We already have all the time we need, be it short or not.

Accepting our human condition, and being able to live our lives without hindrance, without suffering, seems like a much more fulfilling purpose.

I agree, it’s not a glorious, shiny purpose. There’s nothing better than trying to play god and finally be immortal. But I don’t care about shiny purposes.

Are you afraid of dying? Are you not already dead?

Why this question, and why this text ? Because wanting to be immortal, or equivalently trying to make your life longer, is simply useless.

You won’t suffer less, you won’t be happy.

Dying is just like living. It seems more sad depending on how you look at it. But it just is. Like a cloud appear and then disappear. Nothing more.

Take Life as it is — and death is part of it — and you’ll be able to look at your experiences, and all things, in such a liberating way.

You won’t even remember why you were trying to either be immortal (I know you don’t like when I say that!), or make your dear ones immortal (I got you!).

Mummies & Daddies will die.

Lovers will die too. I will die. You will die. And you should be happy about it, it will free up a lot of energy within yourself. Go with the flow.

What’s your relationship to your death, and the one of your loved ones? Are you avoiding some experiences you enjoy to limit your premature death? How in your life are you planning to avoid death?

Use the comments section to share your vision!


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Flowers bloom, smell and wither,
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