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what is noosvia ?

It’s a project born from an urge to share that took years to actualize. A long pregnancy and a very long labor. That’s noosvia. I couldn’t keep the baby inside of me. Sharing is so important… that I had to let him out !

I can see suffering in most person I encounter, and I know how sharing, simply sharing, can be soothing. To me, words are a way to open doors in minds. And I see these new open doors as a way to gain a life-saving perspective over everyday suffering.

There is no truth. Words are lying.

They’ve only been made up. Don’t be too attached to them. They don’t mean much ! Go deeper, look beyond. Truth is what you feel, and there are no words for that. Truth is never coming from someone else, I’m no exception.

My words, like the ones from so many others, are just here to help you look inside of you. If they resonates with you, great. If not, find the ones that will.

When someone points the moon, you want to look at the moon, not his finger, right ? Don’t forget that words are just a finger, and look at the moon ! Use what life brings to you as a way to look inward.

You can learn to suffer less.

And yes, I’ll try to show you. But you will be the one choosing to look at my finger, or to what it points to. Choose wisely !

Don’t take all of this too seriously. Words are meaningless, remember ? Be serious about what matters, laugh at the rest. Be engaged in what’s bringing a deep sense of living your life. Forget the shallow that disappear as fast as it came.

Life is perpetually evolving, noosvia too. What will always be there is the desire to see less suffering in people’s eyes.

Enjoy your time here.


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