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Who cares who am I.

My message is what I want to emphasize. And you’ll eventually know who I am the day it will be relevant for you. Here is what you should know about me.

I’m part of those who can’t relate to the superficial and short-term nature of current society, part of those who believe Humans could do much, much better.

But first and foremost, I’m part of those who decided to act, instead of complaining. To act in a positive way, instead of always being “against”.

To act in order to bring meaning behind what’s done, said or experienced. To also act by helping others find and actualize what’s deep inside of them.

You know, those dreams they don’t dare showing the world because they are not… “normal” for most people.

The opinion of the majority does have a meaning when it’s thought through. But, is it?

So I turn to people who ask themselves many questions, and help them reword their questions so that they are empowered and ready to have a positive impact.

No matter who I am, no matter how I do it, as long as the result is a (small) wave of meaningful persons who acts to positively impact the world, right?

All the thoughts you’ll find throughout noos•via are laid down at at a given moment. That’s all they are: thoughts limited by my limited life experiences.

I let “the truth” to the purveyors of dreams, and I offer food for thoughts, as imperfect as I am. What’s the purpose?

Simply helping you see things from a different angle. Because every change starts with acknowledging that a different point of view is possible.

So take a step back and enjoy every moment.

And if you like what you read, and you want to reach the next level of your life, visit this page and act.


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